Be a Jacksonville Jaguars fan. That’s it. We welcome all who claim the Teal and Black and the Bold New City of the South.

With your membership you will receive a 2020 Member’s T-Shirt, a Bold City Brigade Member Card and a sticker you can put wherever you want. This year we are also offering a "Home Tailgate" membership option with extra items that will help you feel like you are still at the Slab.



"TRADITIONAL" MEMBERSHIP COST IS $25 + TAX (Shirt, Card and Sticker)

Please refer to the shirt sizing chart (below) before ordering. Our shirts tend to run about a half-size smaller than traditional style tees. (Excludes 2X, 3X and 4X Shirts)


First give us your name and email (or the name and email of the person that you are signing up), then let us know what BCB Chapter or BCB Prospective Chapter you want to be a part of. On the next screen, you will choose a male or female sized shirt and what type of membership package you want.

* If you do not see a BCB Chapter in your area, select the BCB Jax (Founding Chapter).