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Next Tailgate: Merry Jags-Mas

December 20th

Christmas themed tailgate with raffle prizes formembers and a BCB Blowout Trunk Sale with tons of Legacy Gear from 2012-2014 as low as $5.



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Our focus is to engage and unite Jaguars followers from all walks of life, but particularly those who have grown with the franchise since its inception. Our long-term goal is to cultivate and grow our fanbase—locally, regionally, and nationally— through our mutual passion for team and city. We are a registered 501(c)7 non-profit. All monies or transactions that take place are filtered back into the group to fund events and merchandise.

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Be a Jacksonville Jaguars fan. That’s it. No frills, no fuss, no initiation. We welcome all who claim the Teal and Black and the Bold New City of the South.

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The Duval Invasion: Tampa Takeover packages are available for purchase.

October 11th 2015, remember this date. Mark it down. You want to be a part of this. What is “this”? This is The Duval Invasion and the Duval Invasion is quite simply the largest and most ambitious fan organized away trip in the history of the NFL. Duval is coming to Tampa Bay and it’s coming in a big big way.


The Jimi Seats

The Bold City Brigade is a family. We've made this claim from the day that the group was founded. Every move that we've made since has been grounded in that basic belief. Like any other family, our family experiences moments of pure jubilation and at times great sadness. Earlier this year we experienced a tremendous loss. Longtime friend and BCB family member Jim (Jimi) Gustavson left this earth for a better place. Those of you that had the pleasure of meeting Jimi know that he was one of the kindest souls to ever grace this planet.

After some thought and reflection we decided to do something special in his memory. The idea for The Jimi Seats was born primarily out of Jimi's relationships with many of our out of town members. When he would find out that an out of town member was traveling to Jax for a game he would quietly offer up his home as a place to stay. Jimi was known to drive members around town, pick them up from the airport, and even offer them a seat next to him at the games. He'd do this behind the scenes. Never broadcasting it and never seeking any attention for doing so.

It's with all of this in mind that we decided that purchasing two season tickets in the BCB section would be a tremendous way to honor Jimi and to serve to keep his memory alive. Taking things a step further, we feel that offering up these seats on a game by game basis to out of town members that are traveling to Jax for a game seems even more appropriate. So it's with a bit of sadness, but a great deal of pride that we introduce The Jimi Seats for the 2015 Jaguars season.


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